ParaDiZe Project: A Top-Down Survival Game with Zombie Minions

By Shaan Khan Screenshot Courtesy of Nacon on YouTube On 8th July 2022, French video-game publisher, Nacon, hosted Nacon Connect, an event showcasing trailers of unreleased video games being worked on by their development teams. Nacon are renowned for publishing games in a wide selection of genres. These include: Simulation Games i.e. Hunting Simulator 2 Racing Games i.e. RiMS... Continue Reading →

An Open-World Terminator Survival Game is in the Making

By Shaan Khan Screenshot Courtesy of Nacon on YouTube The Terminator license has a history of being passed around by video game publishers & developers banking off the franchise’s name instead of building a high-quality game. Sadly, we haven’t seen a Terminator game given the Triple-A treatment. Perhaps the closest we’re going to get is with... Continue Reading →

Why The Last of Us 2 Multiplayer is Potentially a Survival Game

By Shaan Khan Screenshot Courtesy of GameSpot on YouTube On June 9th, 2022, at the Summer Games Fest, Creative Director of Naughty Dog game studio, Neil Druckmann, officially announced that The Last of Us 2 Multiplayer is being developed and will launch as a standalone game. Initially, it was speculated that a multiplayer mode would be... Continue Reading →

Nightingale: A Card Deckbuilder Meets Survival Genre

By Shaan Khan Screenshot Courtesy of @PlayNightingale on Twitter Trying something new in the survival genre, instead of the same-old ‘shoot, kill & loot’ formula, is ex-Bioware devs who worked on creative classics such as Dragon Age, Baldur’s Gate and Mass Effect. Banded together under the game studio Inflexion Games, the team are throwing all their... Continue Reading →

Why V Rising is Trending on Steam

By Shaan Khan Screenshot Courtesy of Stunlock Studios on YouTube Vampires have made their way back onto our menus of entertainment these past couple of weeks, with Marvel's superhero film, Morbius, getting memed into oblivion and for all the wrong reasons. Meanwhile, the gaming world has been a little kinder to our fictional jagged-tooth friends thanks... Continue Reading →

Does Star Citizen Offer Solid Survival Gameplay Elements Yet?

By Shaan Khan It’s been nearly ten years since Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) announced Star Citizen on Kickstarter. The game successfully crowdsourced all its funding and has been in development ever since—currently playable in an unfinished alpha state. What has led Star Citizen to stay in development longer than any other video game? Furthermore, why... Continue Reading →

Sons of the Forest: Uninspired Sequel or Worthy Successor to The Forest?

By Shaan Khan Screenshot Courtesy of Endnight Games on YouTube Fears have arisen over the highly anticipated sequel to The Forest that was delayed one month before its original release window of May 2022.  According to Endnight games on Twitter, the sequel’ Sons of the Forest is now ‘aiming’ to launch in October 2022. The sudden decision... Continue Reading →

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