The Perfect Bobblehead Gifts for This Winter 2022

By Shaan Khan The dolls of endearment are arguably bobbleheads. The subtle head nod adds a level of gratification and life to an inanimate object we like to glance at once in a while without them being too intrusive.  Starting with roots in 18th Century East Asia, the present-day bobblehead we’ve come to know and love was... Continue Reading →

Consumer Journey & Brand Image in Relation to Reviews & Star Ratings

By Shaan Khan Our consumer journeys start with navigating through a network of marketing. We are directed by advertisements, sponsorships, billboards, word of mouth, etc. Each direction of communication leads us to a product or service. Before we make a purchase, we all land at one final destination––the reviews and star ratings. It's why Amazon... Continue Reading →

Chinese Automaker Hongqi Plans to Launch New Luxurious EV for the EU Market

By Shaan Khan Image Courtesy of The EU has become the fastest adopter of commercialised Electric Vehicles (EVs) worldwide with its shifting economy towards sustainable energy and their proactive populations stirring away from fossil fuel cars. In fact, EVs in Sweden make up 46% of annual vehicle sales, while EVs in Norway make up a... Continue Reading →

ParaDiZe Project: A Top-Down Survival Game with Zombie Minions

By Shaan Khan Screenshot Courtesy of Nacon on YouTube On 8th July 2022, French video-game publisher, Nacon, hosted Nacon Connect, an event showcasing trailers of unreleased video games being worked on by their development teams. Nacon are renowned for publishing games in a wide selection of genres. These include: Simulation Games i.e. Hunting Simulator 2 Racing Games i.e. RiMS... Continue Reading →

An Open-World Terminator Survival Game is in the Making

By Shaan Khan Screenshot Courtesy of Nacon on YouTube The Terminator license has a history of being passed around by video game publishers & developers banking off the franchise’s name instead of building a high-quality game. Sadly, we haven’t seen a Terminator game given the Triple-A treatment. Perhaps the closest we’re going to get is with... Continue Reading →

The Day Before: An Unreal Engine 5 Survival Game with Ambitious Scope

By Shaan Khan Screenshot Courtesy of FNTASTIC on YouTube In January 2021, game dev studio, FNTASTIC, revealed a gameplay trailer on ‘The Day Before’—an upcoming MMO-Survival game they are developing. The gameplay reveal was reminiscent of the original trailer to Tom Clancy’s The Division, invigorating the same shock & awe for spectators. However, The Division was... Continue Reading →

Fallout London: Taking Modding to the Next Level

By Shaan Khan Screenshot Courtesy of Fallout London on YouTube Imagine a Camden Market selling pistols, radaway & stimpacks, instead of hipster clothes and cheap art. Or a remnant Buckingham Palace not home to our beloved Queen, but a tyrant mutant King. All these ideas might come to life thanks to game dev studio, The Folon... Continue Reading →

Why The Last of Us 2 Multiplayer is Potentially a Survival Game

By Shaan Khan Screenshot Courtesy of GameSpot on YouTube On June 9th, 2022, at the Summer Games Fest, Creative Director of Naughty Dog game studio, Neil Druckmann, officially announced that The Last of Us 2 Multiplayer is being developed and will launch as a standalone game. Initially, it was speculated that a multiplayer mode would be... Continue Reading →

Nightingale: A Card Deckbuilder Meets Survival Genre

By Shaan Khan Screenshot Courtesy of @PlayNightingale on Twitter Trying something new in the survival genre, instead of the same-old ‘shoot, kill & loot’ formula, is ex-Bioware devs who worked on creative classics such as Dragon Age, Baldur’s Gate and Mass Effect. Banded together under the game studio Inflexion Games, the team are throwing all their... Continue Reading →

Why V Rising is Trending on Steam

By Shaan Khan Screenshot Courtesy of Stunlock Studios on YouTube Vampires have made their way back onto our menus of entertainment these past couple of weeks, with Marvel's superhero film, Morbius, getting memed into oblivion and for all the wrong reasons. Meanwhile, the gaming world has been a little kinder to our fictional jagged-tooth friends thanks... Continue Reading →

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