The Perfect Bobblehead Gifts for This Winter 2022

By Shaan Khan

The dolls of endearment are arguably bobbleheads. The subtle head nod adds a level of gratification and life to an inanimate object we like to glance at once in a while without them being too intrusive. 

Starting with roots in 18th Century East Asia, the present-day bobblehead we’ve come to know and love was created in the 1960s based on famous baseball players. Since then, bobbleheads have become our go-to dolls to enshrine our idols and loved ones.

Bobbleheads can be uplifting with their passively-positive designs that represent a positive part of life. It’s why bobbleheads are a staple for decorative themes, and this December is all about decorations.

 Whether you’re a gym rat, programmer or dog lover, there’s a bobblehead for all; everyone is represented. Bobblehead art is all-inclusive, with bobblehead builders open to your customisation requests.

With Christmas around the corner, it’s the time of year for gifting or self-indulging, so here’s a look into bobblehead ideas for this season!

Winter Blues

Low exposure to sunlight and dramatic temperature drops that trap you inside and limit energy expenditure are the common realities we face this season. In medical science, Winter reduces our Vitamin D levels and disturbs our body’s internal clock, which leads our serotonin levels to crash.

To cope with the Winter depression, bobbleheads can boost our moods in multiple ways. For one, the captivation of fiddling with a bobblehead is a great distraction from stress and anxiety. Also, the wobbling face depicted in a humorous caricature style brings a fun and life-like energy around you when lonely in Winter and is an excellent addition to a dull work desk!

Christmas Spirit

From reindeer cut-outs for your lawn to Christmas trees in the front room, we feel obligated to decorate all our living space to get in the Xmas spirit. Bobbleheads are useful in niche places to decorate. For example, you can place a Santa bobblehead on your car’s dashboard or an elf bobblehead at your child’s bedside!

Another idea to take your family Xmas portrait to the next level is having custom bobbleheads of the entire family in festive clothing and placing the bobbleheads together on a mantlepiece!

Bobbleheads are good Xmas gift ideas as well; they can revolve around a friend or family member’s favourite musicians and movie characters. Also, if someone you know is interested in a hobby such as martial arts, then help motivate them with a martial arts-themed bobblehead!

World Cup

This Winter is extra special worldwide with the Qatar 2022 World Cup taking place. The event has made us extra patriotic, and to show support to our national teams, we buy relevant merchandise, and there’s bobbleheads of soccer players to acquire!

Even if you’re not particularly following the Qatar World Cup, then gifting a soccer bobblehead to a loved one who is passionate about the event is a great way to show you care about that individual’s excitement.


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