The Perfect Bobblehead Gifts for This Winter 2022

By Shaan Khan The dolls of endearment are arguably bobbleheads. The subtle head nod adds a level of gratification and life to an inanimate object we like to glance at once in a while without them being too intrusive.  Starting with roots in 18th Century East Asia, the present-day bobblehead we’ve come to know and love was... Continue Reading →

The Most Eco-Friendly Country in Europe

By Shaan Khan With countries at war, people leaving their homelands for newfound opportunity in life, then coming to places where inflation, oil prices and the cost of living is on the rise—it’s like the world is stuck in a rut of repeating past mistakes that sets a decay on societies health—including the planet we... Continue Reading →

Healthy & Holistic Activities Perfect for Spring 2022 in Europe

By Shaan Khan For Europeans in Spring, there is more sunlight and warmth since Earth's northern hemisphere tilts closer to the sun. Plants and trees receive enough photosynthesis to vegetate; blossoming flowers and growing produce. The warmth and abundance of food bring animals out of hibernation and is a time when many animals such as... Continue Reading →

Why These Countries have the Lowest Obesity Rates in Europe

By Shaan Khan Long ago, obesity was a rare disease amongst the few wealthy elites in society that could sit on their bottoms all day and overindulge in food - case in point; Henry VIII, The King of England. Now, we have entire nations with populations close to being 50% obese. Obesity has swept over... Continue Reading →

6 Popular Easter Traditions Celebrated in Europe

By Shaan Khan Easter is in celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. But why do so many of us associate it with bunny rabbits and decorated eggs? Well, the tradition is separate from Jesus Christ’s story and Christianity combined. It founds its origins in Europe, where Easter Traditions occurred long before Christianity in pagan times.  The... Continue Reading →

Adult Coloring for Healing from Burnout and Stress Relief

By Shaan Khan Adult life can be unforgiving on our mental health; neglecting parts of our bodies & brains and get told to depend on drugs to ignore the pains. It’s an unsustainable cycle that replaces one issue with another, such as pharmaceutical side effects. Holistic health approaches are organically incorporated into our lifestyles to... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Places with the Highest Obesity Rates in the World

By Shaan Khan There’s no scarcity when it comes to obesity within the modern world. For many of us, food is in abundance, with mass production pumping out addictive junk food and making it easily accessible. Not only are we getting hooked onto eating bad food with poor control over our diets, but humans today... Continue Reading →

What Does it Mean When a Rabbit Bites You

By Shaan Khan Rabbits, the sweet little critters we adore for their cuteness and innocence, so much so, that almost all Disney fairy tale movies have included rabbits in the background for any scene capturing the essence of peace and nature. But, what if your beloved bunny, one day, turns around and takes a bite... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Consider Community College and Trade School When Planning Your Post-Secondary Education

By Shaan Khan Universities were once a staple point to The America Dream, but now, enrolment is on the decline and tuition fees are on the rise. Many are questioning whether it’s even worth it anymore, seeing as a report by Fedshows that graduates are more likely to be unemployed or underemployed than overall workers. So there’s a lot of... Continue Reading →

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