The Most Eco-Friendly Country in Europe

By Shaan Khan With countries at war, people leaving their homelands for newfound opportunity in life, then coming to places where inflation, oil prices and the cost of living is on the rise—it’s like the world is stuck in a rut of repeating past mistakes that sets a decay on societies health—including the planet we... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Consider Community College and Trade School When Planning Your Post-Secondary Education

By Shaan Khan Universities were once a staple point to The America Dream, but now, enrolment is on the decline and tuition fees are on the rise. Many are questioning whether it’s even worth it anymore, seeing as a report by Fedshows that graduates are more likely to be unemployed or underemployed than overall workers. So there’s a lot of... Continue Reading →

Why Teaching these ‘‘Controversial’’ Subjects in Depth at Public School is Essential not Elective

By Shaan Khan Subjects today that are labelled controversial have been chewed up and spit right out of the social media machine through political rhetoric and social commentary; these sensitive topics have been handed to influencers and politicians pushing a bias and seeking power and fame. The lack of sensible discourse has undermined these important... Continue Reading →

Tanzania’s First Female President set to Transform the Nation into a World Leading Supplier of Helium

By Shaan Khan That stuff that makes balloons float and gives you a squeaky voice when inhaled is actually the driving force behind the 21st-century economy, and it's in demand now more than ever before. How? It's indirect. Sure, a new wave of technological revolution is surging with the industry trend of replacing fossil fuels... Continue Reading →

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