Chinese Automaker Hongqi Plans to Launch New Luxurious EV for the EU Market

By Shaan Khan Image Courtesy of The EU has become the fastest adopter of commercialised Electric Vehicles (EVs) worldwide with its shifting economy towards sustainable energy and their proactive populations stirring away from fossil fuel cars. In fact, EVs in Sweden make up 46% of annual vehicle sales, while EVs in Norway make up a... Continue Reading →

The Most Eco-Friendly Country in Europe

By Shaan Khan With countries at war, people leaving their homelands for newfound opportunity in life, then coming to places where inflation, oil prices and the cost of living is on the rise—it’s like the world is stuck in a rut of repeating past mistakes that sets a decay on societies health—including the planet we... Continue Reading →

How Tesla’s Rumoured Smartphone will Set Itself Apart from iPhones and Android Devices

By Shaan Khan A flagship smartphone is a tech company’s pride and joy; they represent the full extent of a company’s effort and ingenuity. They do so to become the trendsetters of the industry—to set new standards on what the technology can provide us. But in recent years, as we have seen with the Samsung... Continue Reading →

The Apple Car Rumour: Latest Leaks

By Shaan Khan Apple. The company that gave us the revolutionary iPhone back in 2007. That offer unmatched standards of build quality and user experience with all their products. Apple are the trendsetters of the industry, who continuously make tech less complex and nerdy, but a smooth, accessible tool for almost everybody. It’s hard to... Continue Reading →

Review: Anecity LED Headlamp

By Shaan Khan In the largest font, founded in the marketing material for Anecity’s LED Headlamp, are the proudly touted words of ‘All perspectives Induction headlamp’—the key selling point of the product according to Anecity. Undoubtedly this key selling point is a critical feature most consumers will seek out since nothing shouts practical than the ability to... Continue Reading →

Will Mark Zuckerberg’s META Revolutionise the World with Virtual Reality?

By Shaan Khan Mark Zuckerberg’s pipe dream, known as META, has been making the rounds in the media these past few months. While the term ‘META’ is the rebranding of Facebook’s parent company, it’s also the readjustment of the company’s goals, where Virtual Reality now takes centre stage for all the companies, brands, products, and... Continue Reading →

An Etsy Store Versus a Website

By Shaan Khan It’s apples & oranges; picture an Etsy store as an apartment you’re renting out in a city with a thriving economy, opposed to a website that’s like your newly built home in a slowly developing town.  The apartment and surroundings are staples of high-standard living and the potential renter finds this secure... Continue Reading →

The Benefits of Taking your Business Online

By Shaan Khan At the surface, starting an online business can be seen as intimidating. Where it's assumed the largest corporations only have the teams, funds and facilities to carry out the venture of bringing their businesses online. But do you need a team of web developers, content creators and high server maintenance costs to... Continue Reading →

The 2021 Mercedes EQS: Sci-fi & Modern Luxury in One Package

By Shaan Khan Courtesy of Here it is. Primed to trade alloy fists with the Tesla Model S; the ground-breaking ultra-fast EV in the ‘saloon-sphere’. But the brand new EQS aims to win outside of the ring of car races, yet through bold, jaw-rocking design statements resonating off each intricacy gone into the driving... Continue Reading →

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