21 Video Game Tips for the Latest Triple-A Releases this Fall

By Shaan Khan

While most of this year has been a huge drought for video games, this Autumn has opened up the flood gates for triple-A games from big-named publishers & developers.

For this seasons video game tips, I have gathered a list on the following video games:

Battlefield 2042

Far Cry 6

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy


Battlefield 2042

Tip 1 – VTOL Domination: How to be a Smooth Operator

A disgusting amount of HP & quick mobility makes this aircraft the hardest to take down. If you fill the VTOL with a squad that repair damage or operate miniguns, then you can become close-to-unstoppable, mowing down foes with the main weapon of the 40mm launcher.

Tip 2 – Strategy for VTOL Supremacy

With the VTOL being the most difficult aircraft to takedown, create a flight pattern of a circle around the map, allowing your team to spawn wherever they want while you’re taking the enemies out in the process.

Tip 3 – Fastest Way to Heal

Thought self-healing with the S21 Syrette Pistol was cool as you shoot a syrette into your arm? But if you’re a competitive player and find the animation a waste of time, simply shoot a syrette onto the ground and walk over it to heal.

Tip 4 – Avoid Rookie Tank Mistake

Do not exit a tank just because it’s low health; you give enemies the opportunity to repair the tank and use it. So you either die with the tank, destroy it or make sure a team member takes it.

Tip 5 – Method to Capture Objectives Quicker

Want to capture an objective faster? If you’re in a vehicle and see team members on foot running to the same capture point, then don’t ignore them; always offer a lift! The more players at a capture point, the better!

Tip 6 – Passively Takeout Enemy Vehicles

Want to know the best place to plant those anti-vehicle mines? Bottleneck locations such as bridges, tunnels or narrow roads that vehicles would typically cut through to travel efficiently are the best spots.

Tip 7 – The Last Man Standing Playstyle

Be mindful of being the last squad member so that you don’t make any risky decisions until your squad members can spawn back on you.

Far Cry 6

Tip 1 – Sneaky Way into Enemy Bases

When infiltrating a base, sneak around the wired fence perimeter. You will often come across a wooden board that covers up an opening in the fence—smash it down to enter the base where vigilance is low.

Tip 2 – A Workaround the Missing Feature of Manual Saving

When infiltrating an enemy base in Far Cry games, it’s expected to manually save to carry out plans & strategies without changing them midway due to committing a mistake. Well, now you can’t. 

You can fast travel to the enemy base for the game to autosave; it will restart your positioning but not your progress of taking out enemies and their equipment.

Tip 3 – Fastest Way to Beat the Game

After completing the Libertad Rises mission, you will arrive at Libertad HQ. Instead of following the highlighted objective, get in a boat and sail West for a good life!

Tip 4 – To Become the Cockfighting Master

Avoid short-ranged attacks and get good at timing your dodge and long-ranged attack and sooner or later, you’ll be an untouchable cock!

Tip 5 – Leave Nothing Behind

As much as you feel like you’ve cleared a base from all your enemies, they always find their way back even without the alarm going off.

So if you leave a tank intact without occupying it, an enemy could easily jump in and take you out before you get to leave—so don’t be a rookie and destroy tanks in bases, especially if the alarm goes off.

Tip 6 – Solve the Easter Egg Mystery

QR codes are placed on crates in-game that you scan with your IRL phone cameras. Videos will be played on your phones in response, highlighting different points on the map of Yara where you can go to try and uncover this mystery.

Tip 7 – Common Location for Collectables & Completing Challenges

If you spot scaffolding structures, make sure to climb them & parkour because you typically will uncover hidden collectables and posters that you spray paint as part of an in-game challenge.

Tip 8 – The Importance of Wind Chimes

When you hear a wind chime, try to pinpoint the location of where the sound is coming from since wind chimes lead you to criptograma chests that will unlock rewards.

Tip 9 – How to Open Criptograma Chests

If you found a criptograma chest, there will be visible blue flags & paint markings within your vicinity that you must follow. The trail will lead you to charts that can unlock the criptograma chest.

Tip 10 – How to Spot Purposefully Designed Vantage Points

Vantage points are necessary to mark and snipe enemies and their equipment in bases. Hovering close to cliffsides and mountain slopes, you’ll sometimes come across a blue spray-painted eye that indicates an access point to a vantage spot.

Tip 11 – Quickest Way to Descend Mountains On-Foot Without Equipment

The slide mechanic has been tweaked in this latest instalment of the franchise. You can slide for much longer depending on the steepness of the decline. It’s faster than running but be careful not to slide off a steep edge where you fall to your death!

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Tip 1 – Defeating Racoon in the Challenge to Takedown the Most Nests

Stray off the beaten path to reach upcoming zones faster than Racoon or to uncover hidden places where both options will allow you to discover Nests before Racoon does.

Tip 2 – How to Successfully Power Up Your Squad Each Huddle

Always pay close attention to what your squad has to say, and when you must respond with a motivational quote, choose the one that repeats a word mentioned by your squad that was said to you at the beginning of the exchange.

Tip 3 – Most Effective Way to Use Guardians in Combat

Use Grimora against the most powerful enemies and Drax against the 2nd most powerful. For weaker targets that group together to attack you, it’s best to use Racoon and Groot with their AoE damage.

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