Can You Actually Win Real Money Playing Online Bingo?

By Shaan Khan

It’s common to expect a cash reward when you win at bingo and the same can be said about online bingo. It’s part of the selection process, where you find an online bingo website that offers the highest cash prizes for winning and a greater variety of options to secure cash prizes.

While there is a chance to win money playing online bingo, there’s a catch. Online bingo websites require you to spend money for a chance at grabbing a large cash prize. It’s how the websites make money, collecting money from a pool of users that play their game consistently, then pouring a percentage of the profits into the prize pool.

So when it comes to picking an online bingo website, what do you look for to determine which sites can you win money and more of it compared to competitor websites?

How to Win Real Money

Firstly, almost all online bingo websites require you to connect a payment option to deposit money to play a game. 

Payment options are typically flexible. You can hook up to the following methods:

  • PayPal
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card

Asides from the standard methods, crypto payment methods are now trending in online bingo. 

Once your payment option is locked into your account, you can begin depositing money to the website and withdrawing your cash rewards.

Bingo Bonuses

Online bingo websites incentivise users to visit them by offering an appealing bingo bonus.

Bingo bonuses come in different forms. A common one is offering players money (bonus) to play bingo, as long as they deposit a set amount of money onto the website themselves.

An example of how this bingo bonus might look in a websites marketing would be similar to this:

‘Deposit just £10 and get £80 in Bingo Tickets (Bonus) and 10 Free Spins in Slots!’

Bonuses like this example give you a greater chance of winning without spending your own money. Keep in mind, online bingo sites have bonus wagering requirements, so you must accumulate a set amount of money or time tied to your account before withdrawing any earnings.

Typically, if you win successfully with bonus money, the bonus wagering requirement would likely not impact what you made and keep you with a positive net profit.

Take Precautions

Now that you know playing online bingo can earn you real money, it’s best not to approach the game like some money-making venture.

Online bingo operates on RNG (Random-number-generated) command executions, meaning numbers drawn in bingo games are chosen randomly by AI, so your ability to win depends solely on luck.

So play for the chance of luck and limit your spending because there is a greater chance of losing money than winning it over time which makes it no way close to being characterised as a worthy investment. Instead, online bingo should be a hobby you sometimes play for the adrenaline rush of getting lucky that day and making some real money that goes straight to your bank account!

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