What are Slingo Online Games?

By Shaan Khan

Slots and Bingo are brilliantly basic games that fuel dopamine rushes by wagering for a random chance to win a reward. It’s the excitement of watching a row of your numbers on a bingo sheet become highlighted in red or the final spin on the slot machine drawing three golden dollar signs!

But what happens when you combine the games of Bingo and Slots into one? A double dopamine rush for the price of one! Oh, and a game called Slingo. Here is all you need to know about the hybrid game rising in popularity online and a great change of pace to the traditional games to see if Slingo is precisely what you’re looking for or maybe too much to digest and enjoy?

The Premise

Founded in 1994 by New Jersey Real Estate Developer, Dal Falciglia Sr. Slingo is an online game where your screen displays a bingo card of numbers, as well as symbols, with an outline of their rewards when matched with other symbols and numbers.

Slingo games also display renditions of spinning wheels that provide numbers and symbols each round for you to see if they match up with the numbers on your bingo card or the winning symbols.

You will also find the number of spins you are limited with for the game. Another limit is the time you must make a spin, which is typically displayed in-game, and if you don’t spin within the time limit, you will lose a spin to allow the game to flow so other players don’t wait around idly.

Slingo vs Bingo & Slots

Despite Bingo and Slots sharing lots of the same DNA as Slingo, there are some key differences to mention.

For one, Slingo games can be played both singleplayer or multiplayer, whereas Slots are played solo, and Bingo is played with others, so you benefit from having a greater option in the way you want to play.

There is also more information to keep in mind since unlike a traditional bingo card, you have to look out for symbols as well, which some players argue is a little convoluted with how much you must keep an eye on. It doesn’t help when some Slingo games are an eyesore with wacky fonts and highly saturated colours used for the text, numbers and symbols.


Like Slots and Bingo, the game can come in many themes, with software developers continually trying to come up with new ideas for themes relevant to trending culture and set themselves apart from the rest.

Slingo can include themes that are more creative than Slots & Bingo themes, thanks to the format. To give a vague example, by applying the monopoly theme to a Slingo game, you can incorporate the ‘Take a Chance’ cards for your Slot Spins whenever the dice lands you on that spot. In contrast, the neighbourhoods can play into the bingo element of the game.

All in all, Slingo games are pretty self-explanatory and intuitive to play, with many online Slingo websites and apps offering clear illustrations and instructions in text-form displayed in-game.

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