Fallout London: Taking Modding to the Next Level

By Shaan Khan Screenshot Courtesy of Fallout London on YouTube Imagine a Camden Market selling pistols, radaway & stimpacks, instead of hipster clothes and cheap art. Or a remnant Buckingham Palace not home to our beloved Queen, but a tyrant mutant King. All these ideas might come to life thanks to game dev studio, The Folon... Continue Reading →

Will Bethesda’s Starfield focus more on Space Survival than Fantasy Sci-Fi?

By Shaan Khan Starfield Concept Art Courtesy of Bethesda Picture landing on a desolate planet in the confinements of a rocket ship, kitted out with an arsenal of weaponry and defences, ready to venture out and try to make it back alive with valuable resources. It’s a concept gamers dream of but with developers unable... Continue Reading →

Death Stranding Review : The Good and Bad

Written by Shaan Khan (25/12/19) Death Stranding, a game that invites you into a weird and wonderful world packed with character like no other, It’s hard to find anything that resembles the culture and design choices of the game. It’s ingeniously quirky, it latches onto your curiosity and tries hard not to let go throughout... Continue Reading →

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