9 Tips on Deathloop

By Shaan Khan (24/09/21)

Courtesy of Bethesda

1 – Best Play Style for Juliana in PvP Against Colt

Playing as Juliana in Multiplayer means you only have one life and your opponent’ Colt has three lives. Colt also is equipped with an overpowered Machete that puts you at a disadvantage in close quatres combat.

Instead of running through ground lanes like a typical FPS, parkour on building tops with the perk that reduces footstep noise. Set up turrets and traps in key locations such as the Antenna and either pick long-ranged kills with a sniper or sneak behind Colt and blast him with a shotgun—always scope out your surroundings and remain vigilant! 

2 – Kill Entire Group at the Touch of a Button While in Stealth

The Nexus ability is the most efficient way to take out a group of baddies at the touch of a button. You must play stealthy, find a vantage point where you have clear sights of an enemy group and get within the correct distance to begin chain highlighting all the enemies you wish to perform the Nexus ability on. Once all enemies are chained, execute the ability and sit back, relax, as you secure a satisfying multi-kill.

3 – Overpowered Build for Aggressive Close-Ranged Combat

The most efficient yet aggressive way to take down enemy groups at close range is to wield the Machete with the following perks & abilities: Bloodthirsty BrawlerNever Say DieRenewable & Shift. Your quick teleportation movement makes it fast to get in close to an enemy and use the Machete attack; overwhelming your enemy to where they cannot attack back.

Each kill you get, your health and energy go up, reducing the level of damage received by surrounding enemies. Removing either the health or energy regen buffs for this build in place of the Nexus ability will lead to quicker killing sprees at the higher risk of death.

4 – Easiest Way to Secure Batteries

Sick of having to backtrack so you can acquire some batteries? Well, you can just take one from a turret instead! Once a turret is deployed, you’ll find a battery pack at its base that is fully charged and waiting there for you to take! Knowing where the battery pack is located on a turret comes in handy when you want to destroy one; just aim at the battery and with one shot, it’s down!

Another battery fact, they are used for specific puzzles and opening doors. Also, batteries can function as grenades, just toss them near some enemies then shoot them for a climactic explosion!

5 – Best Time to Begin Building out your Loadouts

Don’t focus on creating your ideal loadout as soon as you get started in the game because all that progress is easily lost until you’re introduced to ‘Infusion’. Then you can go off the beaten path and start discovering unique weapons. When you acquire the most desirable one’s for you, make sure to experiment them with Infusion so when you die and loopback, the Infused weapon will now be available in your inventory every single time—this is when you can start racking up all kinds of weapons to your arsenal. 

6 – Visionaries Takedown Strategy for Best Weapons

After unlocking Infusion and you want to find the best weapons, a way of achieving this is by targeting visionaries specifically who have the best weapons. Usually, visionaries are surrounded by their cronies.

If you can take out the visionary first, grab their weapon and then take out the bad guys around you—this would be a useful strategy for when you’re underpowered with a lack of guns, so use movement, hacking & stealth to your advantage early on.

7 – Ideal Weapon for Julianna in PvP

After unlocking the Infusion system in Deathloop, one of the best weapons you can find, especially when playing in Multiplayer PvP as Juliana, is the Heritage gun; a combination of a long-range rifle and a close quatres shotgun.

To acquire this weapon, head to Carls Bay in the evening, then enter the Fathoms of Lament building, where you will be introduced to a puzzle that will unlock the weapon after being completed.

8 – Avoiding Timer for Heritage Gun Puzzle

The puzzle to unlock the Heritage gun is timed. However, you can avoid the timer altogether if you don’t enter the door with the leaver. Instead, to the right of the leaver, is a wall where you will find a hole that you can fit through—leading you into the puzzle zone where you must discover symbols to solve it and without being timed!

9 – Best Weapon for AoE Damage

Once you have the Infusion system unlocked, go to the Northern part of the map and find Harriet in a warehouse. Kill her to acquire Harriet’s Fourpounder Pistol; a weapon that shoots toxic gas clouds for AoE damage and if you shoot the gas traps, they will detonate for explosive damage.

If you equip the Steel Lungs perk while using this weapon, you can enter clouds of toxic fumes while you inhale the vapours to regenerate your health!

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