10 Amazon Products Every Woman Wants in 2022

By Shaan Khan (28/09/21)

Amazon is home to more than 350 million products for a whole assortment of people with distinguishable needs and interests. Narrowing down the products that you, your mother, sister and the lady next door all want at the same time! Is like searching for a goldmine. Earning them the rightful honorary badge as Cultural Icons—Staple Points of Feminine Identity or perhaps, Revolutionary Technology primed to enhance lifestyles catered to Females across the nation.

While we still have our go-to brands and boutique shops; e-commerce websites such as the giant that is Amazon is a place for anything and everything where you search for your hearts’ desires and likely, it will show up! Or you’ll browse and be pleasantly surprised by a product that you never knew existed. Here is a list that can hopefully offer you that shock factor or educate you on what a loved one of yours really craves for the upcoming year with a budget between $50 – $180.

Ionic Hair Dryer – The ‘T3 Fit’

A flourishing garden that attracts the birds & bees is a well-maintained and healthy one. Above our eyes and sitting on ‘most’ of our heads is the human garden—Hair. A delicate biome that, taken care of properly, will offer peace of mind and the power to attract admirers and even a potential mate to take things further with, as long as you both know about ‘the other’ Birds and the Bees, of course. 

While those gardens that grow on soil, not scalps, have transcended into an art form with their ‘one million and one ways’ to get creative with hedges, vines and flowerbeds thanks to optimal conditions and the right set of tools. Human hair, on the other hand, has been historically neglected and locked away from its true potential, mostly attributed to the traditional hair dryer that dries out scalps, creates frizzy hair, causes irritation—basically ‘one million and one reasons’ to why long hair can feel more like a nuisance than a proud expression of femininity & creativity.

Well, in comes the ionic hairdryer, ‘iconic’ for phasing out the archaic ways of drying hair with a technology being the key to freeing hair from neglect and turning it into a fresh canvas for artistic expression without sacrificing the convenience and efficiency of a standard hairdryer.

Ionic technology has been in the mainstream for quite some time; what makes the ‘T3 Fit’ special is that the product significantly advances the technology. Small compact hair dryers are synonymous with being flimsy and underpowered, but this small compact product doesn’t sacrifice performance and trades blows with the larger, more robust hair dryers but, at the same time, being the more portable device!

The T3 Fit comes with a selection of features, giving you the control of temperature, speed and a ‘cool shot’ at the end—a detailed, hairdresser-grade process to drying your hair optimally.         

It’s an all-rounded machine and one of the first of its kind, touted as being made possible thanks to its additional IonAir technology. It’s the hairdryer to look out for if you have long hair prone to frizzing and if you’re usually on the move.

LED Face Mask Light Therapy – NEWKEY

Once introduced over 30 years ago to astronauts, then restricted to health & beauty clinics that you would pay for continuous appointments to use; Light Therapy LED Face Masks are now a household product that despite looking gimmicky like something a WWE wrestler would wear, its backed by professional researchand the proof is in the pudding. 

What might appear as a contraption is actually an all-in-one skincare device that eliminates the use of evasive lotions, ointments and steroids. Instead, uses the power of LEDs on the inside of the mask that targets the skin issues. Face masks can come with different coloured LEDs at various wavelengths to target different issues, such as:

  • Red-650nm: Collagen production
  • Green-527nm: Combats anti-aging by improving hyperpigmentation
  • Blue-463nm: Clears acne & removes acne scars
  • Clear Blue-510nm: Reduces skin allergy symptoms, i.e. inflammation
  • Yellow-590nm: Decreases redness in face
  • Purple-600nm: Regenerate skin cells
  • Cyan-470nm: Tissue metabolism acceleration

The device has recently been popularised by Korean celebrities who are part of the K-beauty culture that has captured the intrigue and fascination of the Western world for over a decade. With its popularity and effectiveness, it’s no wonder Amazon is sprawling with Light Therapy LED Face Masks. But choosing one is similar to picking a car. Finding one with all the bells & whistles at a reasonable price tag is hard. 

You’ve got your Lamborghinis of the bunch that are high performance but ridiculously expensive, then there are the cheaper slow shmoes like a low-end Fiat or Honda, making you sit in one place with your eyes closed for much longer than others, with results taking longer and less effective than others.

Somewhere between the two is the standard Mercedes of LED Face Masks—NEWKEY, the light therapy product with a bit of everything. With an overwhelming number of positive reviews to back up the claims of ‘results in just 4 weeks!’ while light therapy sessions only need to last between 10-20 minutes for 3-4 days a week!

Not only is performance and reliability a strong point, but the NEWKEY LED Face Mask features all 7 LED color modes while still being under $130! The product comes with very few compromises at this price point and it’s most definitely a recommend!

Laser Hair Removal – Yachyee

While the hair on our heads can be perceived as a biological garden, many can’t say the same about body hair. Falling more in line with the characteristics of evasive weeds that attempt to destroy the high garden that sits on our temple of skin and bones—the body.

Body hair is just as stubborn to remove as weeds, too! Both painful and traumatic tearing hair out of your skin with wax strips or butchering at your skin with a razor blade just for the hairs to grow back even thicker!

Laser hair removal feels like a gift from the Goddess Venus in comparison. A relatively painless, non-evasive experience from the comforts of your home, where you aim a handheld contraption that typically comes in the style of a gun and target the hairs with a concentrated beam of light to destroy them!

The Yachyee Laser Hair Removal takes their product a step further by implementing IPL technology which permanently removes body hair after 2-3 months of consistent usage! That’s not all; the device comes with an Ice Cooling Care feature that cools your skin while emitting hot pulse light to destroy the hairs—making the experience more comfortable and therapeutic than others on the market.

It’s a smart device that includes an LED screen to control the many features it has. These include 9 levels and 2 modes to choose from that will target hair differently since the hairs on our body come in all kinds of consistencies.

So, throw on the sunglasses-looking goggles that come with the product for eye-protection and grab the device and start zapping away hairs as if you were a Men in Black agent wiping out their memories that told them to keep growing again—you’ve finally met your match body hairs!

Kegel Weights – Perifit Kegel Exerciser with App (Pelvic Floor Trainer)

Suppose you’ve embarked onto the fulfilling path of a life of fitness, where you peruse through Instagram daily for learning material, doing squats, crunches, weights—the whole lot. Relishing in the satisfying results of full-body workouts…

…Well, sorry to break the news, there’s one muscle group you’ve likely missed out, ‘The Pelvic Floor’—an area crucial to the quality of life for a woman.

Weak Pelvic muscles are the cause of disorders such as Pelvic prolapse and a lack of bowel control. Women who have given birth are at higher risk of developing these disorders. However, the aging process naturally leads to weaker muscles in this area for all Women.

Kegel weights are made to be probed into the vagina so that your Pelvic muscles tighten upon the weight and release in a repetitious motion to strengthen and increase elasticity in the area similar to any other muscle-building workout.

Although the weights are mostly recommended for women preparing or recovering from childbirth; the product, in general, poses itself as a tool to promote long-lasting health, increasing blood flow to genitals and offering women better control over vagina tightening. Both benefits create the ideal conditions for women to experience more intense orgasms, including a higher probability of having multiple orgasms—not just one.

It can even be used as a means of pleasure by tugging at the weight or pouring hot or cold water onto it before inserting the device inside you to cause the chemical effect of arousal by activating the body’s thermoreceptors.

Thanks to its wide variety of benefits, many exist on the market, but none quite compare with the Perifit Kegel Exerciser. It’s not just a heavy weight of silicon with a snug shape, it’s actually a smart device like many others on this list, but with this one, you can control the device via an app on your phone. The purpose? To play video games—with your vagina.

Yes, the app comes with games and the way to play is by tightening and releasing your pelvic muscles onto the Kegel weight to make a command, like pressing the X button on a controller to jump and you know how common that is in a platformer game—something this app includes.

It’s an interesting yet fun way to exercise; progression felt both internally and virtually where training your Pelvic muscles will allow you to reach the next level in-game. The smart device comes with sensors that are monitored in the app, tracking the stats of your Pelvic Floor and highlighting the progress you’ve made through clear visual data to motivate you to keep training with this added reassurance that your efforts are paying off. Here are the monitored stats:

  • Strength
  • Relaxation
  • Endurance
  • Agility
  • Kegel quality

So, if you want to be the first to break the world record in a game like Flappy Birds with the power of your vagina, then this is the product you’re looking for. Hey, we all want to make a legacy somehow or another!

LED Makeup Mirror – Fancii LED

What makes a good makeup mirror is the ability to capture your face within a range of different lighting, zoom up close for pinpoint accuracy, and angle your mirror in any direction without holding it. The LED makeup mirrors offer just that, bringing you more confidence to take on a detailed makeup session and hone your skills in becoming a pro in the making.

With so many to choose from, what does the Fancii LED makeup mirror have that others don’t?

For one, exceptional battery life. That can run for up to 10 hours without the LED lights losing brightness. The batteries are also rechargeable with any standard USB cable that are widely accessible. Cables have always been a huge downside to the portability of these devices and now, not anymore!

Next is the ability to control 3 dimmable light settings that all represent common natural lightings such as day, evening and home light.

Being small & compact makes this great as a travel mirror you can use pretty much anywhere while having all the features you need to give you confidence every time you pick up those brushes and get to work on that face of yours. The Mona Lisa wasn’t painted in the dark…or so we were told!

E-Reader – Kindle Paperwhite

According to a 2018 study published on Statista, 75% of women stated they had read at least one book within a 12 month period, which was slightly more than Men and although that’s not to say ‘all women’ read books, it sure means a lot of them do!

Therefore an E-Reader would be a perfect choice for most women since they can access a library of their books all on one device and be eco-friendly in the process by not contributing to the destruction of trees for needless paper!

If it’s not for the trees, it’s to read your books in the dark if there isn’t a convenient lamp around. Or reading in the bath and you don’t want to get your book wet.

The Kindle Paperwhite comes in handy with a bright screen and a battery life that can last up to six weeks if you read only half an hour a day. Oh, and it’s waterproof! So, if a dim-lit bathroom with candles around as you lounge in a bath and get lost in a fiction novel’ sounds fun, then the Kindle Paperwhite is for you!

Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray – Royal Craft Wood

Speaking of baths, your bathing session with the e-reader can’t go without a ‘Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray’ to place it on. It’s never been the most common of household items, mostly seen in the movies revolving the glamorous aristocratic lifestyles where classy folk bathe in elegant bathtubs at luxury baroque hotels, looking out nearby windows admiring the classical architecture of a European city as they sip some fine wine!

Of course, they need a place to sit down that wine and that’s a solid wood tray like this one from Royal Craft Wood. It was designed in mind for modern amenities, to include compartments and holders for the following items:

  • 2 multipurpose stands for smartphones, books, magazines, tablets, journals, etc.
  • Storage space & cut-outs to holster drinks, candles, flowers, food, towels, soap, etc.

This product has the power to completely change how you enjoy your time in a bath. With electrical items like the Kindle Paperwhite being waterproof, there’s much less to fear using them so close to soapy water. 

It’s a product for many purposes and individuals, whether you want to finish some late-night work on your tablet in a stress-free environment like a bathtub as you decorate the tray with candles and flowers. Or you want to relax and be entertained; now you can with this practical piece of craftsmanship. I just hope you’ve got decent bath bombs on deck so your skin doesn’t shrivel up after these longer bath sessions you’re about to have with this tray.

Bath Bombs – Go Party Supplies’ Party Favors for Women Gift Set of 24 Bath Bombs

So, about those bath bombs you’re going to need with this new caddy tray. Even without the tray, these balls of luscious ingredients offer a mesmerising show when you drop them into hot running water and watch them slowly collapse as they ooze their colorful ingredients that fizz and dance in the water from a chemical reaction. Stepping into your bath will now feel like entering a gateway into a psychedelic world.

But it’s not all just show; the bath bombs have their health benefits, being packed with skin-nourishing essentials like the Go Party Bath Bombs that include plant-based ingredients such as a wide array of essential oils that offer your body an aromatic smell similar to perfume and natural butter such as Shea Butter & Cocoa Butter that are perfect for creating silky smooth skin to the point you don’t even need to apply a body moisturiser after your bath!

Amazon reviews suggest that the bath bombs are suitable for sensitive skin and skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. For the price and quality, this set of 24 bath bombs is rather reasonable and should last you over a month—well, depending on if you’re like most of us that don’t bathe every single day.

Anti-Wrinkle Serums & Ointments – StriVectin Wrinkle Recode Serum

The thought of wrinkles is nightmare fuel to some; it’s like the grim reaper toying with you by carving unpleasant lines into your face with his scythe to say “not long left!”. But don’t let that stupid skeleton get you down because there is a modern solution for repair that’s known to work and will perk you right back up! Welcome to the world of Anti-Wrinkle serums & ointments.

Retinol is a common vitamin used in these products, but brands are constantly battling to find new discoveries in science they can use in their products to take them to the next level as they no longer will be ‘just another bottle with Retinol on the label’.

Often when products present fancy new science words to describe their ‘unique’ product, many come to find that it was nothing more than marketing lingo that has no real impact as the ‘newfound formula’ suggests.

StriVectin Wrinkle Recode Serum is a product that you get what is promised with this unique melting serum that seeps into the skin more effectively than many others, inspired by the revolutionary science of epigenetics. The user reviewers are significantly positive—backing up the claims of seeing successful results in a matter of 7 days.

Who’s laughing now, Grimmy! Well, for now…

Camera Setup – Inkeltech Ring Light & Tripod for Phone Holder

I think it’s safe to say most of us have sat at our desks and let a camera capture us. Whether it’s to work, partake in interviews or trying to be the next big social media influencer. Your camera setup is just as important as your outfit and body language at a face-to-face interview. It’s a competitive world and to succeed, especially in the social media game, is to have a high standard of production quality.

The Inkeltech kit supplies you with everything you need for stationary media production that fits all kinds of niches:

  • Dimmable LED Ring Light w/ Color Adjusting – Similar to the LED makeup mirrors, you can capture your face in various lightings by tweaking the color & brightness with a remote control or a knob behind the ring. It’s ideal for wanting to capture a makeup tutorial video and post it onto social media.
  • Phone Charging Port – Behind the ring is a convenient USB port you can connect your charging cables to, keeping all your devices close and not worrying about short wires. This will come in handy if you choose to live-stream for many hours with your smartphone so that the battery doesn’t die out in the process.
  • Selfie Controller – When you’ve got the perfect lighting and want to capture a selfie, Snapchat or TikTok without reaching for your phone to start, then use the tiny convenient selfie controller and throw it aside once you get ready to pose or put on a show.
  • Tripod, Phone Holder & Light Stand – All items are adjustable for choosing what angle you want to capture with a camera & lighting. You can connect a phone holder to the tripod or mount other devices such as tablets or polaroid cameras if you get the correct holder for them.

Once up and running, prepare for the constant questions of ‘How did you get your camera to look like that?!’ Good luck!

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