Consumer Journey & Brand Image in Relation to Reviews & Star Ratings

By Shaan Khan Our consumer journeys start with navigating through a network of marketing. We are directed by advertisements, sponsorships, billboards, word of mouth, etc. Each direction of communication leads us to a product or service. Before we make a purchase, we all land at one final destination––the reviews and star ratings. It's why Amazon... Continue Reading →

How INK Games Compares to Other Money-Making Opportunities in Gaming

By Shaan Khan Gaming is the most lucrative entertainment industry worldwide, overshadowing the box office with over three times the revenue. With an estimated revenue of $178.73 Billion in 2021, the gaming industry has a lot of money to go around. Investors, corporate execs, video game devs—they all get a steak in the profits. However, there is... Continue Reading →

The Women Pilots Changing the Landscape of Aviation

By Shaan Khan (01/10/21) Taking the helm of 90,000 pounds of metal that hurls across the globe in terrific conditions with hundreds of passengers stored inside’ is a massive responsibility and an accomplishment that deserves the utmost admiration. Since its conception, the honourable duty of a pilot has been culturally delegated to men disproportionately. It’s... Continue Reading →

10 Amazon Products Every Woman Wants in 2022

By Shaan Khan (28/09/21) Amazon is home to more than 350 million products for a whole assortment of people with distinguishable needs and interests. Narrowing down the products that you, your mother, sister and the lady next door all want at the same time! Is like searching for a goldmine. Earning them the rightful honorary badge as... Continue Reading →

Plant-based Skincare: African Businesswomen Creating Beauty Products Global Consumers Need

By Shaan Khan Image by silviarita from Pixabay Browsing the aisles of health & beauty in your local supermarket will quickly reveal the state of modern beauty products. Fragmented into sections; the shelves are dominated by the power players of the market who each want a slice of the cake with their real estate on the aisle. It’s... Continue Reading →

African Women in The Gaming Industry

By Shaan Khan (22/02/21) Photo 210571437 © Evgeniy Parilov | In a world of information technology, industries are becoming increasingly globalised. Over are the days of international stars being made in Hollywood or K-pop being purely for South Koreans. It’s no longer ‘The American Dream’, but rather, ‘The Digital Dream’. Let’s consider the Gaming industry. To play or create... Continue Reading →

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