11 Tips on Life is Strange 3: True Colors

By Shaan Khan (24/09/21)

1 – Reducing Difficulty Without a Difficulty Option in the Game

Life is Strange doesn’t come with a difficulty option. However, accessing the accessibilities tab in the main menu will present you with an option to lengthen timed events when you must make quick decisions.

Also, you can toggle on prompt warnings that will alert you when a quick reflex gameplay moment will occur—so you can better prepare or skip the event entirely.

2 – Overlooked Powerup in the Arkanoid Minigame (PS4/PS5)

Playing the Arkanoid arcade game for the first time in LiS 3, you’re given a quick preview of the instructions and that’s it. It’s straightforward, go left & right to hit the bouncing ball into the bricks.

Unlike receiving the green C pill (powerup), where you are forced to press X to hit the ball; when you obtain the red L pill, nothing happens. Your spaceship gets a new look and the ball continues to bounce off you automatically.

However, if you take the initiative to press X in this mode without any prompt, you get to shoot rockets at the bricks—making the minigame ‘astronomically’ easier for you.

3 – Going Back for Missing Collectables Without Resetting Progress

If you completed your playthrough and want to go back for collectables or read any missed messages or emails, then don’t worry about starting all over again or affecting the story & decisions you made in the game.

You can select the ‘Chapters’ tab in the main menu and look up any scene and there will be a ‘Replay’ option—taking you back to that scene to uncover anything you missed without tampering with the decisions you made.

4 – An Overlooked Aspect to the ‘Memories’ Section (PS4/PS5)

An easily overlooked section of the game is the memories tab on the inventory menu once you press the touchpad.

There isn’t a clear prompt explaining the diagram presented to you, but as you navigate through with the left stick or d-pad, select any memory with the X button and you’ll uncover Alex’s written reflections on each memory—offering the player more fun & interesting content to read upon that felt hidden away compared to other text in the game.

5 – Hidden Content you can Uncover by Exploring the Town

When given the option to explore the town, step away from the main storyline and take your time to look around to learn about the town and its people. There are random encounter events with townsfolk that will open up dialogue with them or have you partake in a small activity and sometimes earning you a collectable.

6 – The Importance of Memorising Auras

You are introduced to auras and how each colour represents a particular emotion in the person the aura resonates from. It’s useful to memorise these aura colours since they randomly will prop up from characters in cut scenes to indicate how they felt over a situation, decision or outcome presented in front of them.

You wouldn’t be able to read their emotions at these moments, so if you recognised the aura, you would best know how to approach them after the cutscene and understand who they ally with after observing their emotional responses.

7 – Quick & Easy Way to Defeat the Boss in LARP Combat

In LARP combat, an easy way to cheese the final boss battle is to keep summoning the following moves: The Scroll of Advantage’ to offer you another turn each time and Burning Blade’ that provides passive damage to the enemy when your turn is over.

No need to waste time on heals this way and if you collect every scroll, you will acquire the one-time use scrolls that deal the most damage—use these when the opponent is low on health to finish the match quickly and not worry about damage from incoming attacks at this point.

8 – Instant Win in LARP Combat Against Enemies

You’ll have to face off against Ryan a few times as he LARPS as an enemy wolf, troll and snake. However, for the latter two monster battles, you can instantly win them without any combat by obtaining the following items: ‘Troll Dust’ acquired from Steph’s Shop & the ‘Ophidian Chime’ from The Black Lantern. 

9 – Avoid Triggering this Cutscene or You’ll Miss Out on Extra Story

If you haven’t reached the final scene of Chapter 3 and don’t want to replay the scene afterwards, then prepare for this warning when you’re searching Diane’s USB files. Take a look at every file that holds lore & story content, do this before you access the RheaSchematic file since it will immediately cut to a cutscene and the chapter will be over—not allowing you to look back at any files you’ve missed.

10 – Quickest Way to Win the Jellybean Contest at The Spring Festival

At the Spring festival, there is a ‘guess how many jellybeans are in the jar’ contest. The quickest way to find out is by making the following decisions in order when prompted in dialogue with the ‘Jelly Bean Lady’: answer ‘800’, read her mind, answer ‘700’, read her mind once more, finally answer with ‘732’. It’s the quickest possible way to narrow down the answer.

11 – Avoid Triggering Cutscene in Chapter 5 Before Full Exploration

At the start of Chapter 5, you will find yourself in Dr Lynn’s office. There will be a puzzle to solve with items placed around the room. However, before interacting with the items, make sure you read/play all the files/tapes for extra story content. If not, completing the puzzle will immediately pull you out of the office and into a cutscene—without any option to go back unless you replay the entire scene.

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