What Unreal Engine 5 Means for The Future of Survival Games

By Shaan Khan Image courtesy of Unreal Engine 5 on unrealengine.com In May 2020, Fortnite publisher Epic Games posted a YouTube video revealing their 5th instalment of Unreal Engine—a game engine software developed by Epic Games for all developers to use the platform to create video games. Game engines dictate our perceptions of video games; your video... Continue Reading →

The Top 5 Highest Grossing Young Adult Book Series of the Millennium

By Shaan Khan When it comes to books, nothing quite tops the popularity of the Young Adult genre (YA). Entering the millennium was arguably the start of the golden era for YA, with some of the highest sold books on record had come from this timespan, and sales would increase by twofold in the following decade. So... Continue Reading →

Best Simulation Games on Nintendo Switch

By Shaan Khan For decades now, the simulation genre has solidified itself as one of the overarching cornerstones of modern gaming with a dedicated audience of consumers that not only allow the genre to ‘stay afloat’—but prosper. Simulations are the antithesis of arcade gaming. It’s not a bombastic, out-of-this-world experience like your Call of Duty’s,... Continue Reading →

4 Ways Companies Can Benefit By Using Social Media

Written by Shaan Khan Companies within the commercial space need to acquire social awareness and cultural relevancy to draw in consumers and loyal members to their products, services and brand. Social media isn’t only a virtual world and a global hub of mass communication; it’s also one big popularity contest. There are many features available... Continue Reading →

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