Announcement: My First Ever Fiction Novel is Out Now!

By Shaan Khan (28/01/21)

Paperback edition

A new year is here, and I want to show my thanks for the followers and likes I’ve amassed for my blog articles in these past two years.

I started working on this blog a year after completing university. I wrote about topics I enjoyed and used this platform as a portfolio to highlight my skills to employers I wanted to work for.

The blog was able to secure interviews for me and even get me into the final rounds where it would only be me and a handful of individuals that employers had to pick which one they wanted to hire.

Sadly, all my efforts hadn’t paid off, and when 2019 was over—I felt completely hopeless.

Especially considering the fact, my strong point throughout my studies in Media, Communications and Cultural Studies at University, was my ability to write.

I received the highest amount of praise as a student for my writing skills in creative content creation and essay work.

Back in university, I was made to believe I was going to be successful by the people around me, and I felt hopeful considering all the job prospects that were available for me to tap into.

When 2020 came around; I felt no one wanted me no matter how hard I tried…

Then the idea to work on a fiction novel came.

2020, The Start of Something Great-

Now, I’m not going to touch on all the inner-workings of the story to my thriller novel. I believe many inspirations and influences that went into every chapter of the book have a beautiful story to tell in itself. One that will shed light on the truths and fictions that went into the novel and uncovering the mysteries many will hold onto after reading the book.

It’s why, someday, I hope to make an ‘In The Making’ series, which will be split into three documentative blog articles I will post on my blog so stay tuned if you decide to check out my fiction novel!

But one thing I will say is that the idea came from a sequence of dreams I had at a time when I was in a dark place in my life.

Those dreams brought me motivation, particularly ‘one’, which you may automatically know which ‘one’ I’m referring to if you read the book.

I was pulling from my imagination every hour, writing notes on my phone or laptop, using cloud technology to keep all my notes connected, and conducted in heavy amounts of research.

It became a full-time job without a salary, but I loved it; it was a form of escapism. I set up my schedule and got organised; working six or eight hours a day for the most part.

However, the job search would come calling, and I’d have to sacrifice great amounts of time from working on my novel, which is a major reason it took me a year to make.

Trying to start out in a career whilst working on my novel was no easy task. Living with my parents brought pressure onto me every other day that made me want to quit writing or runaway, and I don’t know where.

But the novel meant so much to me. I knew, at the end result, there is going to be a product that will showcase my skills, creativity and struggles in this elaborate story that can resonate with people’s lives and be thought-provoking to others.

At the very least, I want someone to read my book and feel the similar emotions I felt when writing it. To raise my expectations, I hope my ability to write, edit, proofread and self-publish my book; should boost my chances at securing a job in a desired field of work.

But the greatest outcome that can come from this book is—change. Change within our culture; our society, to hopefully shed light on an area of inequality that doesn’t get enough exposure.

My book offers solutions for change, and even if I don’t get a job I desire, at least I lived a life where I didn’t sit back and do nothing against inequality and wrote a story to encapsulate it; to point light on the problems we need to fight.

So this was just an update to show I’m still working on this blog, and an attempt to try get my book out there since this is the only form of social media I personally use and don’t have many people in my life to share my book with.

Don’t feel pressured to read the book because of my ‘sob story’, all I ask, is to read the product description and if there’s any interest there and in some of the information I’ve mentioned here—then check it out if ya like!

Here are the links to the eBook & paperback on Amazon: (US) (UK)

The eBook & paperback is available in more locations worldwide; clicking any of the links above, should have an option that allows you to access your countries Amazon store to purchase the book.

Thank you for reading this and if you read my book—I hope you enjoy it as there should be more to come!

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