The Upcoming Game of Thrones Prequel – All You Need to Know

Blog Article by Shaan Khan (30/10/20)

The era of Game of Thrones drove millions of people to tune into every episode.

We loved the characters, including their drama, banter and relationships. We enjoyed the battles and politics, the houses of nobility and what they stood for, and the attention to detail in the culture and environments, even in the most subtle ways like symbolism incorporated in flags and costumes. 

Partly because it felt so real yet so strange at the same time, like imagine one day, everyone you know, including yourself, would magically wake up in Westeros—you know we’d quickly begin to act exactly like those in the show.

It’s an unordinary world that doesn’t throw in the one-dimensional villains and knights in shining armour, but it’s people like us that regressed to barbarity.

That’s why so many of us were immersed by this depth, giving us ample information to dig deep into; uncovering the lore and history that shapes the story. A story we watched from our screens every episode in living rooms, or maybe bathtubs within this era of iPads and smartphones…just be careful, please.

The talk of the show, it’s world—doesn’t stop after an episode.

No, for fandoms have arisen! They converge on social platforms and discuss all that is Game of Thrones, like the community subreddits of r/freefolk and r/gameofthrones, which amass thousands of interactions on daily user-submitted posts.

Game of Thrones had become more than just a show; it became a cultural phenomenon. Even your average Joe, Bill or John who doesn’t follow these online communities, might still make a meme about the show or watch a clip on YouTube of their favourite moment to recapture nostalgia.

So, at any time where the clock dial lands, someone is searching up Game of Thrones, it’s why you and I are here! 

… It’s why I’m happy to share with you all that you need to know about the upcoming prequel series to Game of Thrones that’s expected to arrive in 2022.

House of the Dragons

It’s official, HBO, the broadcast company that aired Game of Thrones, has ordered ten episodes for season one of this prequel named ‘House of the Dragon’—giving us, the audience, a season watch time we’re familiar with and come to expect.

It’s a prequel. Therefore it’s set before the events of Game of Thrones, but how far back? Three hundred years ago. So say goodbye to all your beloved characters from the first show, but you may be excited about the characters we will be getting.

The series is based on George R.R. Martin’s fantasy book called ‘Fire & Blood’, which tells the complete history of House Targaryen.

…The Targaryen’s. A family name that holds so much mystery, a background explored in passing throughout the Game of Thrones, that made the telling of their history feel as though it was just whispers in the wind.

That’s not to say it left me with a negative impression. Instead, it only added to my curiosity, how a name from the past brought out the expression in the faces of characters and leading some to say powerful quotes like this one from King Jaehaerys II.

The series will follow the rise of House Targaryen from Aegon’s Conquest which throws the house into civil war over an epic dynastic dispute for power. 

So the wars and politics we love from this world shall return. But will there be dragons? Yes. From the book and as mentioned in GoT, dragons hadn’t gone extinct back then, and Targaryen’s were known for their companionship with dragons as starks are with wolves; using them in battles and in this civil war called the ‘dance of dragons’ that we shall see in the prequel.

Production, Cast, Locations…

Although not publicly stated, the budget is rumoured to be as huge as GoT to provide us with rich CGI for the dragons and battles.

The series will be directed by Ryan Condal, alongside Miguel Sapochnik.

The good news is that Miguel Sapochnik had directed some amazing GoT scenes such as ‘Hardhome’ and ‘Battle of the Bastards’; making him an excellent addition for bringing to life the long spoken battles of Aegon’s conquest.

The not-so-good news is Miguel Sapochnik had also directed the controversial season 8 battle of ‘The Long Night’, which many complained that the lighting had been too dark to see the action.

To many peoples relief, House of the Dragons will not involve the writers of David Benioff and D.B. Weiss who wrote the script for season 7 & 8 of GoT.

As mentioned earlier, it will follow the writings of George R.R. Martin in his book ‘Fire & Blood’ that’s said to have Lord of the Rings references and heavy influences of horror.

So if you’re a fan of Gandalf and the ‘many’ disturbing moments in GoT, then this show might be right up your alley. 

With all the built-up expectation we have on the Targaryen’s, it’s going to be no easy fit for a cast member to fill the shoes of one—being that they’re the epitome of ‘madness’ and ‘greatness’ after all, with a great example of a Targaryen being Emelia Clarke as Daenerys.

Sadly, there is only one cast members confirmed for now, who is a British actor called Paddy Considine. He starred in HBO’s The Outsiders and will play the regal role as King Viserys Targaryen that is known for his kindness; bringing him closer to the scale of Targaryen’ greatness’—for now.

Then finally, some of the locations confirmed will be Northern Ireland that is known for the cold and gloomy backdrops in GoT, and some more exotic locations such as Spain, Croatia and Morocco, which should bring us back to Essos.

King’s Landing would be under construction within the prequels timeline so add that to the basket of origin stories that we could be getting.

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