Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash: Everything you Need to Know Before Downloading

By Shaan Khan (31/08/21)

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In need of change from the war-torn lands in many modern games where you’re just a dude covered in Kevlar? Want something vibrant, perhaps, unforgettable—that can follow you into your dreams? Look no further with this soul-brightening, likely-arousing, anime-style action-shooter on the PC & PS4—Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash.

The Premise & Draw

The Senran series is known for its eye-candy anime characters, with big, dreamy eyes and banging bodies in revealing clothing. But it’s also a series with profound history, with fans following the timeline of events in this shinobi-based story for nearly ten years. It’s a game series taken place on multiple platforms and sparked manga & anime adaptations.

Peach Beach Splash is akin to a filler episode in a show. It’s a break from the series always telling a detailed story with sometimes serious tones. Instead, it’s a nice bit of fan service where beloved characters are on summer holiday just having silly fun and playing beach games and you’re invited to the party!

“It’s an Anime Girl Summer!”

The girls you’ve come to know over the years are the same, just thrown into an excitingly fresh scenario to bring out unseen sides of them, from their body parts to their kinky personalities.

Starting with bodies & beauty, it’s a game unapologetically hyper-sexualised within the constraints of soft-core status. From all corners of game design, such as animation and artwork, the drive of development is to produce the highest degree of sex appeal that many lust over or appreciate as an erotic art form. Here are some of the ways the devs achieved this:

  • Getting creative with all the angles the in-game camera can capture of the characters, particularly the many close-ups, highlighting their ‘best parts’ and taking inspiration from the most popular angles of the adult entertainment industry.
  • Jiggle physics. Characters supple parts of their bodies such as boobies will bounce around accordingly to the action and motions on screen. Such jiggles can be mesmerising and increase sex appeal in this game by tenfold. 
  • The abundance of water being sprayed onto the characters leads their exposed bodies to glisten and become even more eye-capturing/mouth-watering for the players. 
  •  Bikinis can be torn off in combat.
  • Collector cards featuring hundreds of unique lewd artworks of the in-game characters, giving your even more visual stimuli to feast your eyes on.
  • Voice acting consisted of reading many lines of sensual sounding grunt noises.

The Feel of The Game

This game rides on the hinge of frustration as an appealing aspect of the experience. You’re being teased from start to finish of each match. At first, you are excited about defeating your near-naked foes into a submissive stance that you can finish off with a concentrated splash-gun squirt to their bikini piece for it to fly right off! Offering you a whopping close-up shot to capture the sheer embarrassment as the naked enemy attempts to cover their indecent parts. 

Courtesy of Senren Kagura Peach Beach Splash on Steam

With such power in the palm of your hands, you forget that you might be a sweaty nerd hunched over at your computer with your tongue out. Instead, you feel the sensation of having your chest raised high as if you were riding a bear!

The testosterone-filled fun of popping off anime girl’s bikinis in a shooter is quickly but surely dismantled when you end up on the other end of the stick and your playable character becomes the humiliated laughingstock that’s now missing a bra or underwear. 

Not many games have you submit or dominate in such a way and it’s a big part of the draw to the gameplay. 

The Technical Side

As a shooter, it runs smoothly. Gameplay is fast-paced; you can dash and float in the air. Timely Jumps and fast reflexes will make you a winner and the overall movement and gunplay make for a competitive experience—especially in online multiplayer mode where you face other players in either:

  • Free match (casual)
  • Ranked match – 3v3 or 5v5 (competitive)

Singleplayer mode has matches that start by taking out some grunts and ends in defeating the main enemy bosses in battle.

Co-op mode allows you to work together with other players and face waves of enemies. All in all, there is a solid basis for gameplay that surprised me as I would have thought it would be nothing more than a sex appeal fest. Instead, both elements go together nicely to optimise on engagement. But there is more…

Customisations & Collections

Arguably just as appealing as big boobies are the collector cards in their shiny packs which are rewarded to you. It’s the Pokémon formula, but the decks consist of hentai art, customisations for characters, weapon upgrades, abilities and cute pets! Becoming a collector will offer you unique looks and play styles to not allow the game to get stale and make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Courtesy of Senren Kagura Peach Beach Splash on Steam

It adds hours on top of the short 8-hour-long singleplayer campaign; since collector cards come in rare & common varieties, you’ll need to complete challenges to a certain standard to get the rarest cards. At this point, the game can lock you into an addictive grind; you earn zen (cash) from gameplay and spend it on cards in a shop where the cashier has a welcoming bust for you to gawp at as you spend away.

While the game sends you on a gruelling journey to, for instance, upgrade your fricken shower gun sniper and obtain costumes for all 30 characters—not even including the DLC characters! There are more ways to capture player retention.

Intimacy Mode

The crème-de-la-crème of sex appeal the game has to offer. First, you enter the Dressing room and instead of changing costumes, you head to the shower to allow your characters to let off a little steam while you enter Intimacy Mode—the game lends you a set of ‘hands’ that act as cursors, which you move around and place on the bathing characters to caress them for a sensual response and better yet—put the physics to the ultimate test and jiggle some boobies directly!

The game is a full-blown hentai hub. You can spend hours interacting with a catalogue of hot bodies in many creative ways, from viewing cards to dress up and fondling with boobs. These are all features outside of the core shooter gameplay, showcasing the multi-faceted nature of Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash.


If you’re not looking to flick on your kill switch for a round of generic gaming, then here is a vibrant arena-style shooter with innocent water guns; comparable in feel and look to Splatoon on Nintendo but for a hornier adult audience that like anime titties.

Fans of the Dead or Alive series will feel at home playing this game. Including gamers who enjoy RPG mechanics, as you grind to collect cards to spec your characters with certain abilities & pets, providing you with an optimised build for certain challenges and opponents. For instance, solo taking-on co-op survival mode for the rarest cards.

Despite online versus mode being there to get your competitive fix, the lack of community has made finding opponents equivalent to stumbling upon a town in a wasteland—it’s not common as it should be, and you irritatingly must wait an unspecified amount of time to find a player—sometimes finding no one.

Finally, don’t expect a riveting story or a healthy collection of unique levels; this is a game built from the ground up to elicit sensory overload. From shoving combo numbers and boobies in your central vision to shiny packs of collector cards and getting intimate with showering women—it’s bound to charge up the testosterone level boosters enough to lift you off into sensory overload unlike many other games can.




  • Lots of customisation
  • Fun arena shooter
  • Rewarding gameplay
  • Great cutscenes & physics
  • Hyper sexualised


  • Inactive multiplayer mode
  • Lack of story
  • Short singleplayer campaign
  • Buggy AI & sound effects
  • Hyper sexualised

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