Ideas for Family Weekend Activities

By Shaan Khan Sadly for some, the idea of a family weekend activity is accommodated with anxiety. Worrying about impatience and the classic line of 'are we there yet?'. Can't forget the kids temper tantrums if they're not having fun. Nor the arguments that can kill the mood in a heartbeat. Oh, and last but... Continue Reading →

Milton Keynes: A Town with Roots in Technology & Espionage

By Shaan Khan Image by Roland Steinmann from Pixabay Old enough to be my young, dazzling mother, Milton Keynes is one of the newest towns to be built in the UK. Established in 1967, the town was created to tackle housing congestion in London due to the town’s proximity to the capital. Not only is Milton Keynes close... Continue Reading →

50 Fascinating Facts About Turkey

By Shaan Khan (04/09/21) Image by İbrahim Mücahit Yıldız from Pixabay A place as delightful as it’s national sweet—the Turkish Delight. Where grandiose mosques bolster over culturally-rich cities and hawks roam the vastly diverse rural landscape from West to East—known as a natural bridge between Europe & Asia where early humans migrated through and empires used to invade... Continue Reading →

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