Chinese Automaker Hongqi Plans to Launch New Luxurious EV for the EU Market

By Shaan Khan Image Courtesy of The EU has become the fastest adopter of commercialised Electric Vehicles (EVs) worldwide with its shifting economy towards sustainable energy and their proactive populations stirring away from fossil fuel cars. In fact, EVs in Sweden make up 46% of annual vehicle sales, while EVs in Norway make up a... Continue Reading →

The 2021 Mercedes EQS: Sci-fi & Modern Luxury in One Package

By Shaan Khan Courtesy of Here it is. Primed to trade alloy fists with the Tesla Model S; the ground-breaking ultra-fast EV in the ‘saloon-sphere’. But the brand new EQS aims to win outside of the ring of car races, yet through bold, jaw-rocking design statements resonating off each intricacy gone into the driving... Continue Reading →

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