The 2021 Mercedes EQS: Sci-fi & Modern Luxury in One Package

By Shaan Khan

Courtesy of

Here it is. Primed to trade alloy fists with the Tesla Model S; the ground-breaking ultra-fast EV in the ‘saloon-sphere’.

But the brand new EQS aims to win outside of the ring of car races, yet through bold, jaw-rocking design statements resonating off each intricacy gone into the driving experience.

To start, the subtleties to car interaction have been revamped in favour of streamlined, intuitive control; where going for a drive is more free flowing without the menial steps of traditional cars.

Doors open on-demand upon recognising your arrival. You can close doors by the sheer press of the brake when in-idle mode. Pick or customise a driver theme that tweaks steering, acceleration & braking functions while complemented by various engine imitations through the immersive-sounding Harman Kardon speakers.

This into-the-future car design is worth admission alone for a test drive to witness first-hand the drives of tomorrow day; realising how game-changingly intuitive it is or isn’t? It’s for you to decide.

Upping the ante to this sci-fi beast of a silent car is the interior splendour; injecting freshness & excitement into the senses when feasting your eyes on the futurised, one-of-a-kind surroundings & gadgets.

The art & material makeup of the dashboard runs through the interior. Its panoramic continuity is embezzled in bespoke wood & leather, then sitting on top is advanced technologies that have been a critical point of development for the Mercedes production team these past few years, and believe me, it shows.

An aggressive body of OLED screens dominate the dashboard but are eloquently designed to be perceived as one, widespread screen, known as, you guessed it, The Hyperscreen!

Expanding out of this eye-catching organ of the EV is its vessels of LED’s that weave themselves throughout each side of the interior; running through gracefully in their seldom pathways. The result can lead one to perceive a masterclass artist wielded a paintbrush to carve out these electric lines that light up in any colour of choice to cater to your ever-changing moods, no matter how bipolar you could be!

Fusing with the future is the tried & tested excellence that comes standard to top-of-the-range vehicles from Mercedes like the S-Class. It’s the luxury & comfort. Seats that will offer you a massage while simultaneously warming you up. You’ve got a soft pillow to rest your head on and speakers equipped with noise cancellation to provide near-silence in an already silent EV.

A medley of an experience unfounded anywhere; made to feel like a cockpit of your exclusive electro rocket.

But has it got the power to send you to Mars? No. What about the ability to outcompete with the Tesla Model S?

Mercedes EQSTesla Model S
• 328 bhp / 516 bhp• 660 bhp / 1006 bhp
• 770 km max range• 837 km max range
• 200 kW fast charging• 250 kW fast charging

Despite falling short in performance to Elon Musk’s ‘power matters most’ creation, the EQS is still up there as an ultra-fast EV, and nothing in the line-up can compare with the quality of the car and the futuristic experience driving it.

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