Consumer Journey & Brand Image in Relation to Reviews & Star Ratings

By Shaan Khan Our consumer journeys start with navigating through a network of marketing. We are directed by advertisements, sponsorships, billboards, word of mouth, etc. Each direction of communication leads us to a product or service. Before we make a purchase, we all land at one final destination––the reviews and star ratings. It's why Amazon... Continue Reading →

Death Stranding Review : The Good and Bad

Written by Shaan Khan (25/12/19) Death Stranding, a game that invites you into a weird and wonderful world packed with character like no other, It’s hard to find anything that resembles the culture and design choices of the game. It’s ingeniously quirky, it latches onto your curiosity and tries hard not to let go throughout... Continue Reading →

4 Ways Companies Can Benefit By Using Social Media

Written by Shaan Khan Companies within the commercial space need to acquire social awareness and cultural relevancy to draw in consumers and loyal members to their products, services and brand. Social media isn’t only a virtual world and a global hub of mass communication; it’s also one big popularity contest. There are many features available... Continue Reading →

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