Milton Keynes: A Town with Roots in Technology & Espionage

By Shaan Khan Image by Roland Steinmann from Pixabay Old enough to be my young, dazzling mother, Milton Keynes is one of the newest towns to be built in the UK. Established in 1967, the town was created to tackle housing congestion in London due to the town’s proximity to the capital. Not only is Milton Keynes close... Continue Reading →

Women Leadership: What Future Tech Cities in Africa can Learn from Kigali, Rwanda

By Shaan Khan (18/05/21) Photo captured in Kigali, Rwanda. It’s no mistake that Africa is later than most continents in developing its technological infrastructure. But being fashionably late has its quirks. Having reliable electricity is pivotal to regional health. While electricity powers our machines & lights; under the surface, it’s powering our ability to work,... Continue Reading →

7 Ways Technology Will Help Humans to Interact and Communicate More in The Future

Written by Shaan Khan Technology has already left an astounding mark on modern-day communication. The concoction of the smartphone, internet and social media has led to this hyper information age where there is a newfound habit to upload all that we see and think passively. Billions of people from a range of different backgrounds have... Continue Reading →

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